Tylur T.R.O.N.I.K. is an American rapper, producer, and singer from Virginia Beach, VA that's best known for his unique S.P.A.C.E. Sound. He got into music after listening to his father freestyle and got introduced to the beatboxing technique at age 2. He took what he learned from performing songs in front of local audience, (rapping or singing at age 5) and decided this might be a good back career, behind Movie Directing/Acting. Since then, Tylur has spent a lot of his time listening to all different genres of music, before learning how to produced them at age 15. Currently he produces any genre with his own twist without the need of samples, freestyles songs, song writes from time to time, engineers his own music, sings from time to time and plans own constructing one or two genres of his own.


In A Crazy World (Prod. By Tylur T.R.O.N.I.K.) - Tylur T.R.O.N.I.K.
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