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Vincent Antwaun Haynes doing business (DBA) as V.A.™ "THE ICON" is turning a recording artist into a highly successful, in-demand experts in many fields. "SPIKE LEE OF THE RAP GAME" (EP) is his debut works.  V.A.™ says "SPIKE LEE OF THE RAP GAME"(EP) was inspired as he drew nearer  to his family and his approach on everyday life. V.A.™ is deeply motivated by life.  V.A.™ "The Icon" contributes and seeks ways to improve his community and commitments focusing on improving young Americans. A motivational speaker to youth advocate groups, His valuable brand of business advice includes Goal Setting, Getting Started, Right Mindsets, Writing Down Goals, Right People, Right Actions, Defined Focus,  Marketing, Testing Niches, Teamwork, Creating Leaders, Empowering  Teams, Calling, Self Confidence,  Business Opportunities, Creating Brands, and Brand Architecture.  Additionally, his works will be featured in major media. A sought recording artist, V.A.™ "THE ICON" is known for his style that has been described as hood yet glorious, magnificence! He is the CEO and Founder of Kode Red Entertainment™ and partner of the HODB™ Media Literacy Program.


Started recording at age 17 in 2007.

Been releasing a series of mixtapes since September 2008.

Created, own, and operate my own multimedia brand in 2009.

Was offered an astonishing opportunity to be a part of Full Sail University's "Hall Of Fame" Scholarship program for Recording Arts in 2010 (didn't go).

"Best Unsigned Lyricist Award" and "Best Male Artist" in 2014 by way of the Hip Hop Head Foundation.

Kode Red Interactive Entertainment™

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